WELCOME. My name is Jeanna Fischbach. I am a Wisconsin Certified Residential Appraiser, in addition to being an FHA Certified Appraiser. I am absolutely committed to providing you with the most accurate appraisal. Whether it be for a purchase, possible listing of your home, or estate planning, I can provide you what you need. Each appraisal is approached with honesty, integrity, ethics and customer service in mind. With our focus on genuine value. 

I specialize in a number of different property types. Few appraisers today cover the rural areas. I am an EXPERT in rural properties. I also cover multi family homes, duplex homes, manufactured homes, water front homes and luxury homes. I have over 16 years experience in appraisal, and a lifetime of experience in the real estate industry. Rest assured, if I do not believe I am the appraiser for you, I will inform you, as integrity and ethics are my moral fiber. 

Each appraisal is handled with unique perspective and in-site. Appraisal Solutions, LLC has established itself as a leader in the industry, is relied upon and provides services for many lenders in the counties served. 


HAVE QUESTIONS? Just call Jeanna at 1-608-577-5202.

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